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However, it is so much more intricate and detailed than that and the stories that are weaved together, are so explosive I was brought to tears several times while holding my breath when it seemed too much to take in. This is a love story with pain and mental turmoil very realistically handled with a satisfying and rewarding conclusion. Almost too painful at times I felt like I was witness to something too private to watch but couldn't turn away but I was able to enjoy the journey as it was so well written.

Not too many explicit sex scenes but definitely a few worthy of mention in that they were integral to Simone and Aiden's journey. If you have ever dealt with depression or abuse or addiction and understand the processes to overcome them, you will get this story and appreciate the effort to make it as real and authentic as possible. If you have never had to face these things, you will gain a little insight and compassion. Highly recommend this dark coming of age cautionary tale.

Oct 06, Miranda rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed-books , na-romance. Brief Summary Simone's just your average everyday girl trying to get over all the chaos that has become her life. She used to be carefree, funny, and laughing. Now she's got a wall ten feet high and no ones getting in. Raped and left for dead she's getting over it and finally found some hope in Aiden. All men aren't monsters, right? That is ones without a stack of problems The Good I really enjoyed how Simone was written and her growth throughout.

She had a horrid past and it shows but its not pity me, no she wants other to treat her normal. And having that wall up keeps her from getting hurt again. It was all believable. The Bad Aiden, yes me and Aiden's character didn't not get along well. Honestly I understand where the author was going with it and yes it worked but I think I was just sick of Simone going back to him cause all his issues were just dragging her down and I wanted her to take a breath and leave.

Brief Thoughts Oh boy, this book wasn't much of a joy for me. Even though Simone our leading lady was greatly written and so was Aiden. I guess his character was just UGH to the point of me being a bit put off. His drama induced crazy town really was a bit much I wish they could've actually had more good in their relationship? Aug 25, Janell Wheeler rated it really liked it Shelves: stand-alone , abuse , illness-disability.

If you know me it is no secret that I like books with damaged people. I had my eye on this book for a while and finally decided to just pick it up and go so I jumped it up the TBR list and went for it. Although Simone's trama was very harsh it was not rehashed in detail.

The way Simone dealt with her trama and the people around her was very interesting. She was closed off but gaining ground. I really liked Daniel although he would be considered her BFF If you know me it is no secret that I like books with damaged people. I really liked Daniel although he would be considered her BFF she was hesitant to treat him like one.

There were times when I wanted to shout call Daniel but she never did. Aiden was a whole other ball of wax. He was just as secluded as her but for an entirely different reason. The way they came together different. I enjoyed watching each of them change especially Simone. There were times I wanted to shoot Aiden of course but he came around. This story was not like any other I had read. Not in a bad way it was just different. I didn't expect most of what occurred. I really enjoyed this story, it didn't follow the norms which was nice.

It had a great ending, I think it was well done. I love epilogues and this one was done really well, I felt complete and happy and not really craving more. Of course I would love more but it was just a fantastic ending.

Oct 02, Lisa Guzman rated it really liked it. I found this story interesting. The synopsis started out about a girl that was raped and left for dead. As it turned out, it was way more than that. She had repressed a good portion of what happened that night of her rape and we get glimpses of what happened to her. Then later we learn there was more to the story and about the second girl that was there during her attack.

Simone had a lot of issues and her story was hard to handle but the emotional roller coaster was even harder. I am glad that I found this story interesting. I am glad that she realized when she needed to get off the ride even though she really did not. Now he is another piece of work. He was dealing with his own demons and his life choices were not the healthiest to him or Simone.

His temper, protectiveness, and attitude were all over the place.

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As much as I loved Aiden and loved how sweet he was towards Simone and patient with her, I hated how he treated her often times. In the end Simone realized that she needed to heal herself and Aiden needed to do the same. Sometimes the most difficult part or hardest decision is asking for help.

There is a HEA with this story Aug 29, RedRedtheycallmeRed rated it really liked it. This is a unique telling of a story that I've come across before. Damaged girl meets damaged boy, angst and miscommunications ensue, they realize they're being stupid, HEA. Except here the author seems to have a more refreshing viewpoint of this story.

Simone is a fierce heroine. Yes, she's survived a brutal attack and really the worst kind of betrayal from the man who is supposed to love you , but she isn't a pathetic, needy mess.

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She is well aware she has issues and is really just This is a unique telling of a story that I've come across before. She is well aware she has issues and is really just trying to peacefully exist. Enter Aiden. He has major anger issues. We see glimpses of the loving, sweet side of Aiden, but those get fewer and further between as the book progresses. It's how Simone and Aiden work through their problems that made me really like the story. They seemed real, the story seemed honest. Simone in particular was very strong and made her own mental health a priority, which was refreshing.

This wasn't an easy read, it was an emotional one, but recommended. Oct 28, Shawana rated it it was ok. This review has spoilers. I would give this book a 2. Simone's trauma and revelations about Cassie were great, but it felt glanced over. I guess since during the book we didn't experience her making phone calls and emailing her friend. There was no build up. We just knew it was a friendship that had drifted after a move.

With Aiden, you understood the initial attraction but he pushed her away so much I couldn't get that pull where you want them to be together This review has spoilers. With Aiden, you understood the initial attraction but he pushed her away so much I couldn't get that pull where you want them to be together. They dropped emotional bombs on each other, but then they would separate for periods of time or the time they spent together was summarized.

It was a lot of fill in the blanks with their relationship. I felt I understood her and Daniel more. Let me put it this way, there was more reasons for them to break up instead of ending up together. We didn't experience more of their happiest or loving moments and I think that is where the book fell short. Sep 29, Annabella rated it really liked it.

It was so refreshing to read a HEA that was real, it was not all sweetness and light and money makes everything better kind of story. He couldn't fix her and she couldn't fix him without them fixing themselves first. It was not the predictable sappy story that I've read too much of recently. I liked the skipping through the an excellent very emotive and powerful read.

I liked the skipping through the weeks and her actually doing nothing in the evening apart from watching Netflix and sleeping, rather than her having cocktail and dancing nights out. It was deeply tragic and I often find females annoying but Simone was so strong and determined to get better.

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The only downer but that just me was there was not enough of the two of them together. I loved the ending and epilogue not the usual they got married had ten babies all in the course of 5 years lived in a mansion blah blah Nov 24, Aussie Jo rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance. Nearly did not finish But SO worth it! Second half was very strong writing and concepts!