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Sharing links are not available for this article. I have read and accept the terms and conditions. Copy to clipboard. Request Permissions View permissions information for this article. Article information. Article Information Volume: 71 issue: 1, page s : Article first published online: March 1, ; Issue published: March 1, First Page. Sign Out. And very often a younger boomer is experiencing different things than an older boomer, or two boomers the same age are at very different lifestages.

A lot of what we do at JWT Boom, is research around segments and subsegments to surface the different values and go beyond age and demographics. This has allowed me to really expand on the archetypes I talked about in my book, and get more granular around values and motivations.

And, you know, as much as we wish we could have one message that would connect with everyone, it is hard to do. You know, the leading edge boomers were not downloading content at all.

Marketing to Baby Boomers... Your Business Depends On It!

The trailing edge were downloading all the time. So that 15 year difference was huge.

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And also, Instant Messenger. Susan Bratton: Their kids were getting them into that stuff. So that was pretty interesting, but what I liked about your book was that you created these archetypes, these three archetypes. To get our hands around that, you know, that 78 million people, you came up with three general types, and I would say these were kind of like psychographic orientation. So you said there was conventional, transitional and aspirational.

Describe those three for us. Mary Brown: Sure. We wanted to explore an easy to grasp way of understanding motivation, going beyond demographics, that could help marketers. To help them avoid thinking that all boomer women come at the world in the same way from a psychosocial developmental standpoint. For example, for the Conventional archetype, her motivational orientation is that of maintaining security, seeking to ground herself in stability and predictability. The Transitional archetype is at the stage during which she becomes disillusioned with what she had previously taken for granted and begins to assert her own individuality and is very much in a reactive change mode.

The third archetype, the Aspirational Boomer woman, has reached a greater level of integration and acceptance with where she is at this stage of life, and embraces the fact that they are essentially pioneering new territory. Sometimes I think we need to hang out not in New York, or on the coasts, where there tends to be so much more awareness around self actualization and driving for fulfillment on every level of life. They may define their success through more traditional roles with the family or what not.

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For example, we just did a study for a publication that really wanted to better embrace this huge opportunity of women 40 to 60 in the middle of country, the heart of America woman. Mary Brown: and attitudinal and psycho graphical, is really where research is heading. Susan Bratton: I want to address a quote that I got out of your book. So tell us about this experimental group Mary.

Mary Brown: Definitely. I met Gale Sheehy when she came out with her book, "Sex and the Seasoned Woman," shortly after we released ours.

It takes a deep dive into the Aspirational 50 plus women out there. Did you know that of women over 50 little over half are single, to me that was like wow when she shared that info. I can explore a little bit here. Susan Bratton: Well, when you were doing your survey you were also talking to people about the search for meaning. One of the things you said is that for the majority of the people you surveyed the search for meaning centered around striving for and discovering a more satisfying experience of their lives.

You know, I tie that back to what you said about the fact that once you turn 50 you potentially have another half of your life left.

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  • Mary Brown: Well I think that you put it really well, it is also interesting to note that it is now shown to be connected to actual changes that are going on in the brain as we age. We invited Gene Cowen to speak on this topic at the LiveWire summit. You know, there are a lot of new discoveries about how the brain actually has the capacity to continue to regenerate itself and thrive much differently than the perceptions were before. Our brains almost become wiser, what matters really flows to the surface, which helps explain the increased desire, as we become older, to leave a legacy.

    And take the whole green movement right now. For our grandkids, we have a heightened sense of legacy and making a better world really gets that conversation raised. Note: Click on the Carrabis tag above to see all Joseph's posts. Now he was one of probably 20 speakers you had at Live Wire, the summit, and you do this every year. I have six or seven here that look the most interesting, one was keeping up with Generation Jones, and that was Jonathan Pontell. What point did he make that you thought was most interesting?

    But he thinks that each cohort has very distinct consumer behavior, values and attitudes. On our last blog post and during the interview you mentioned the 54 to 65 year demographic group is a very unique segment within Boomers, very distinct. Tell us more. I recommend checking them out. He presented the findings from a large Boomer study with predictions of current trends and how they were going to play out over the next two decades as boomers move from midlife into later life.

    I believe you can download that study by going to iftf. Mary Brown: Well sure. A lot of the discussion revolved around how with all the new technologies the media landscape has expanded and altered a lot over the last decade, really causing audience fragmentation and giving birth to more segmentation. Media these days has to be able to allow for the ability to drill down to really have any effectiveness because companies are so challenged with creatively breaking through the clutter. And the social context is interesting. Sharon Whiteley from Third Age partnered with us on a Boomer Pulse study around boomers and social networking.

    Susan Bratton: Absolutely. Both getting information and sharing your experiences, because they are a wizened crew… Mary Brown: Right. Susan Bratton: seems to me to be a tremendous opportunity. You actually had three. Do you remember what they are or do you need me to remind you? Obviously I can identify with it. So if you would like to have a personalized autographed copy of Boom from Mary Brown all you need to do is tell me why you deserve to have it by posting that on the Dishy Mix fanclub.


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    You just go to FaceBook and you type in DishyMix, all one word, it pops you into my fanclub, you just post a request, and if I love your ask you get the books. So please do that, Mary would love to send a copy to three of my Dishy Mix fanclub posters. Mary Brown: It is my ultimate fantasy to be able to travel like that. And she did it in a way that was laugh out loud. It was great. I was suspicious too. Susan Bratton: It was. Tell us about that.