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As the technology evolved, his work developed from flat line art into a stripped-down 3D computer graphics style he calls hyper-unrealism. Despite the endless possibilities offered by computers today, he stays close to his subject, leaving out unnecessary frills and extras until he's left with an image that is unambiguous and almost obscene in it's blunt power. He is also the curator and creative director of the festival. Faiyaz Jafri lives and works in Hong Kong. I have always wanted to tell stories that could be read by anybody.

In order to make my stories universally legible I choose themes and protagonists that are stereotypical and utilize a concise visual language with a deep emotional undertone. My art explores and reinterprets Jungian archetypes in the modern world. In addition I search for neo-archetypes in mass media and global popular culture. An important neo-archetype is the Bambi character which to me has a seductive and an innocent side.

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This duality is a prominent theme in my work. Compulsion for total control and perfection has made the computer my medium of choice. At the same time, the technology I use is new and rapidly advancing, allowing me to experiment with new aesthetics as of yet unexplored. This gives me the freedom to create my own aesthetics within the medium.

Casualties of Love: The "Long Island Lolita" Story

IMDb Vote or Review. Mary Jo didn't die from her wounds, but sustained substantial physical, emotional, and mental injury. Unfortunately, so did the American public, as we found ourselves barraged relentlessly with the minutiae of this case for what seemed like forever. Throughout , tabloids would fill their pages with salacious stories of the affair between the teenage Fisher and the thirty-something Buttafuoco; David Letterman and SNL , as one might expect, had a field day.

The media frenzy around the scandal was so feverish, in fact, that Fisher's story was made into not one, but THREE, TV movies, two of which aired on the same night revisionist history has all three running the same night, but that's not what the New York Times archive archive says about it. So, in recognition of the anniversary of the botched hit job which launched this story into the national spotlight, I went back and watched every one of these vintage pieces of TV trash to see if they were as bad and exploitative as you remember.

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The answer, of course, is subject to taste; since I have no such thing, my opinions should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt. NBC's version of the story, the first to air, was advertised as Amy Fisher's version of events, and it shows. Though hardly portrayed as an angel, Fisher played by the all-but-forgotten Noelle Parker is a scared, slightly rebellious kid who just got in over her head.

Fisher narrates the story via a weepy cassette recording she's making in jail to send to boyfriend Paul Makely even though Makely sold her out. Joey Buttafuoco Ed Marinaro is portrayed, naturally, as a leering and manipulative creep, and the infamous confrontation between Mary Jo Kathleen Laskey and Fisher is portrayed as an accident largely resulting from fear.

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Parker is probably the most convincing as Fisher, playing her the most like a real teenager, but that doesn't keep this one from being a bit of a slog. The only one I had to pause multiple times, it feels not unlike a very special episode of Beverly Hills , or worse, The Heights. CBS let the Buttafuocos have their say here, and man, it must be seen to be believed too bad it keeps getting taken down from Youtube.

Its gut-busting intro features Joey Jack Scalia running wild in the streets and snorting coke while driving, a situation that Mary Jo Phyllis Lyons finds untenable with their suburban lifestyle and his position in the family body shop.

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Faced with the threat of losing his wife and kids, Joey goes into rehab, coming out "his old self" a few weeks later. Just as he's getting his life in order, though, along comes that strutting harlot Amy Fisher Alyssa Milano, in her first "adult" role to seduce him and ruin his life like the amoral monster she is. Just by being the nice guy HE is, he gets sucked into her devious world!

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Now this, my sweet friends, is flavor country. ABC made no concessions either to the central figures or to common notions of propriety in their take, and the results are glorious. Casting a still-controversial, still-jailbait Drew Barrymore to play Fisher is a move straight out of the John Waters playbook, and she owns the role it helps that she had practice in this kind of part with the previous year's trash classic Poison Ivy. She plays Fisher as a holy terror, aiming constant mood swings at her parents, brazenly flirting with random dudes just for kicks, and unapologetically taking advantage of whoever she can.

Basically, she's everything Men's RIghts Activists think women are, while also being a one-woman feminist revenge movie. Tony Denison plays the grossest, greasiest Joey, and in an excellent touch, does so while decked out in parachute pants. It's also worth noting that this is the only one of these movies with extended, sometimes surprisingly graphic, love scenes, which is extra-squirmy when you remember how old Barrymore was when it was made see also: Christina Ricci in Buffalo '