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Getting the best in newborn photography - Carmen Hibbins Photography

Creating a loving and safe environment is our responsibility as photographers and I guarantee every time our clients view their images their thoughts will immediately go back to their session and time spent with you, too. So here are just a few of my tips and tricks for successful and safe newborn sessions.

We were out in the cold, windy weather for the last part of her shoot and I noticed a stray hair out of place, just covering her right eye. Does that mean we need to ask mom and dad before every placement of a hand, tilt of a head, or position of a foot? No, not necessarily.

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But what it does mean is constant communication. I always explain to my clients what to expect from a session. What pose we will start out with, how we will transition to the next, and what I am doing as I get their baby into each different position. As photographers we are artists and we have a desire to create.

Babies aren’t props, they are people.

And sometimes amazing things are born out of that desire. I try to treat each little one that comes through my studio is if they were my own. I remember how madly in love I was with my six day old baby Jacob.

How all I wanted to do was lay awake at night and watch him breathe. And you know what? Of course not. If you go into every session giving a newborn the same respect you give your adult clients, then everything else will fall into place—especially when it comes to safety. But here are a few of the key safety tips that I like to keep in mind for each of my newborn photography sessions.

Back to the Basics

Newborns should never be balanced in positions while we step back and photograph. Their little wrists are not meant to support their heads and any time an image like this is attempted it should be a composite.

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To ensure polished results, consult a graphic designer to help you craft your visual brand identity. As for showcasing your portfolio, consider uploading it to your website, posting it on your social media profiles especially Facebook and Pinterest , and printing physical albums or brochures to show to clients on-site.

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective means of gaining new clients and growing your business.


7 Important Tips for Starting a Newborn Photography Business

As valuable as word-of-mouth marketing is digital marketing. Aside from maintaining an up-to-date business website, you also need to have up-to-date social media profiles on key platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. Lastly, you should consider hiring a reputable digital marketing agency to help you grow your business. Digital marketing agencies use a variety of tactics—such as search engine optimization, paid advertising, blogging, and social media marketing—to promote your business online.

A carefully planned digital marketing strategy can source new leads and prospects for your business. These leads and prospects can then be nurtured and converted into clients. Babies may not always be the easiest subjects to capture, but the challenges of photographing newborns are what make it so rewarding—and lucrative.

How to stuff a bucket for newborn photography session.

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