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If he took your belingings, your daughters are next. Get rid of him quickly. Thank you for this. Your former self sounds just like my recent ex. We met randomly one night and were together ever since. He swept me off my feet. For 8 months things were great.

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We had talked about the future, marriage, kids. He told me I was the best thing that ever happened to him, that he was in love with me. I told him the same. We were on the same page I thought. And then he started pulling away, making his first mistake.

I then also admitted to myself he had a drinking problem. I asked him why he was pulling away and he said I had become negative and he needed someone positive in his life. He agreed and we moved on. Then the next mistake, and the next. I had asked him if he felt I got in the way of him processing it and he said no, tht I had helped him. For a fee weeks he became more attentive, and I was hopeful. The trust bells went off and I discovered he had been having an online fling with a client since the month he started pulling away. That one stings the most.

I was never insecure about myself before then. Um, wrong answer! I knew he was immature but not to this extent. And now I see he is insecure. I do think he thought he fooled me, and now my self-esteem is in the toilet. There were so many red flags I chose to accept. It hurts to lose trust and to deal with the anger.

I truly did love him and saw through all the junk and adored him.

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Now I wonder if he fed me a bunch of lies, if that man I saw beyond his immaturity was a lie, a figment of my imagination. Anyway, thanks for sharing your past and giving insight into the male psyche. I just ask anyone male or female out there to be honest with yourselves before you enter into a relationship. Are you really ready? Do you value other people and their feelings? Are you in a good place? Cheating and dishonesty are absolutely devastating. I am working through my 10th month of individual therapy and 3rd week of group meetings for Al-Anon and Codependency.

If Your Partner Doesn’t Love You Enough, 11 Women Who've Been There Explain What To Do

Learning to not be ruled by impulse, shame, guilt, self-hate is going to take some time. Trying to be and do better…did not work. My girlfriend tried to coax me out, but what was I hiding? Who was hiding? I destroyed myself so no one else could. At least I had control of that. I could talk about physical and sexual abuse, little to no support to show weakness emotions, feelings , two older sisters, no brother, raised by an alcoholic single mother. I had to support her, protect her, never embarrass her…never be a burden.

I resented my life and the mother I was supposed to protect. Wit, charm, humor, flirting, sarcasm, deflection, being a great guy, a great listener, with great advice…all tools of deflection, shields…. Nice guy with a sad story…another tool. I left home at 17 and was married to you guessed it an alcoholic. Another one to save , cherish, and resent. Look at me — how noble, how long-suffering.

After 16 years I was on my own with 3 kids. Oh, poor single dad.

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The one who would call me on my shit and give me room to work on it. I needed validation from a quick flirt here and there. I deleted messages. I hid. I lied. That was hitting bottom.

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Working the steps to recovery and sticking with therapy. I may not win her trust or her love ever again, but I can learn to be authentic and real and get out of the cycle of self harm. It is your responsibility to to get help. Ask for it! Stop teaching your kids to do the things that you do in hating yourself, trying to be the nice guy, not having healthy boundaries.

When i read your article it is exactly what i am living now. My spouse wants approval from all the people around him even the things we already decided.

He Loves You Enough

I can say our personal life is on public everyone knows what we plan, when he wants to change his job, our salaries, he tells me back their comments too etc which we always have an argument. When i first met him i think he really worked on it, everyone was talking what a good person he is he showed me the best part of him too and i was attracted. All in all, he always wants to be praised by others. Even he himself appreciate others on each and every little matters and when i asked him why he is doing it, he said just to make them feel great and this kind of manner is really driving me crazy and when it comes to other people he sacrifies his time and money which seems his priority is people arround him not his family.

We have a son together and i am worried what kind of father he could be. I read your article… What is a plan or questions I can ask my guy to get him to start loving himself more? This relationship is really hurting me. I feel like ive done everything I can for him. But he gets mad at me, is rude, unfriendly, and unkind.

I dont know what else to do. I am searching everywhere for help. I read your article. My boyfriend had been married twice. He had a divorce on his first and his second wife passed away. I have always seen his resentment over his first marriage and the way he grew up as a child for the only way he would have moved on from all of what happened to him is wheb he could not say anything bd about it anymore.

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I believed he had a great relationship with his second wife and her family and he was able to live with them the life he never had with his own family and his first marriage. Only that the second wife passed away after six years of them being together. He vowed the next woman he would date has to be nothing but the best. Then we met. I was decisive and ready for commitment myself we moved together. I saw his lack of trust and has greatly denied it thus resulting us to struggle in our emotional level of connection. No matter how I gave empathy to him and our relationship, the blame goes back to me.

He left without any qualms. I was left dumbfounded and shocked. I had to ask repeteadly myself how it happened. The anger was there until such time I realized I need to move on,give him time to find himself and just trust the journey of love we shared together. I love him with all my heart. I believe he does love me too and him moving away is giving himself time to be whole again.

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Thank you so much for writing this article. You have basically described my partner to a tee although if no.