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If you are a Mexican restaurant that offers amazing fish tacos in an area where people love American steaks and burgers, you have two things to establish. Firstly you have to make people aware that tacos are yummy too and secondly you score advantage of being the first one of your kind in that area. If you are a coffee shop do you want to relate to the executives who are picking up cups of coffee and rushing or the struggling writers sitting with their laptops trying to make magic happen.

Hence, you have to be sure about your target audience before you make any move. It is, however, essential to know what you are also expecting off your customers. One of the biggest ingredients that marketing professionals concentrate on is the packaging of the product. This does not only include the literal packaging. Rather, it starts with the basic logo design of your brand to the menu card and how it is presented on the table. Sometimes the logos on your cutlery can have a strong impact on your consumers.

Steve Jobs' amazing marketing strategy - MUST WATCH

The stirrer offered with your cocktail can also showcase your brand logo, and this will remind people of your bar every time they see it. People hire professionals to make a simple yet effective logo from companies such as Designhill who not only create a logo that is customized to your requirement but also convenient for all the other collaterals of stationery that the logo will appear on, such as business cards, brochure design , menus, advertising materials such as posters or digital ads or Google ads.

Perhaps your angel investor or your partner is investing in your idea because there is potential in it. The biggest potential that most investors see is the USP or the Unique Selling Point, which can be anything from making the best cream cheesecakes in town to using only organic or vegan ingredients in the menu for your food truck. Hence, it should be showcased in your packaging. Your SEO strategy starts with an online blog. The best place to begin is by having your own blog on your website.

You can integrate this with your other social media platforms as well like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so that each post gets multiplied and creates a good impact. This is your best communication channel where you can create a huge following for your brand. You can also start partnering with professional food bloggers and ask them to review or writer about your business.

This way you end up reaching out to more people and can enjoy a more dominant online presence.

Effective sampling techniques for market research - The British Library

E-mailers are quick and easy to send, and all that you need are email listings of potential as well as current customers. Keep sending mailers about your new product offerings or competitions, exciting events, discount coupons to keep customers engaged. Do you know how much impact your twitter page header design has when it comes to online marketing. People love clicking pictures of food. So not only are you posting pictures of your food and events but people are also posting reviews of your food with pictures.

You can host food festivals and seasonal or occasional events such as St. This can be advertised online as well as through fliers and posters based on the grandeur of your event. Events also help in brand awareness and spreading the word out. There are numerous websites such as Zomato, Food Panda, etc.

Top 10 B2B Marketing Strategies

There are tons of smartphone apps and websites that allow you to use their platform as a means to sell your product by giving a marginal commission to the platform. Even without hosting events you can always procure more customers through offers and discounts based on occasions. For example, if you have coolers in your menu you can highlight and offer them at discounted prices with other food items in summer. Brands such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola offer the opportunity of a more marketable product by simply making sure that you highlight their product in your marketing campaigns.

Affiliations always give consumers more confidence to try your product offering. While some companies change their logos very often food and beverage joints find it easy to give their products a fresh feel by simply changing the color scheme of their company.

20 creative ways to market product

One of the most impactful stories in terms of re-invention in advertising is showing Santa Claus as wearing red attire instead of green which it originally was. The Coca-Cola campaign worked so well that today Santa Claus image stands with the red attire that was started by Coca-Cola.

There are limitless opportunities to market your product. From catchy cover and packaging designs to something as simple yet crucial as the boxes used for delivering your food. Perhaps you can get influencers to talk about the new product on their blogs or websites. They could even reach out to their social media followers and talk about how excited they are for your product launch.

One of the best product launch ideas using influencer marketing effectively involves sending out the product early to influencers. Let them test the product and write a review on their blog or create buzz through Instagram and Pinterest posts. This will create a desire in their followers to get the product as soon as it launches. Some businesses want people to know everything about their upcoming product. But building suspense and drawing out the mystery are product launch ideas that can create longer buzz.

When you deliberately release minimal details about the product, you can drive your audience into a frenzy with the secrecy. For instance, Taco Bell announced in January that they would reveal a new menu item during the Super Bowl ad. It's common for businesses to overlook the effectiveness of taking pre-orders for their new products when thinking of product launch ideas. Some companies already have a loyal customer base who will buy practically anything they release. As one of the most revolutionary brands, Apple usually gives the option to pre-order upcoming products.

Making your product launch a big deal is an excellent way to get the media and your audience to take it more seriously. This is another of the product launch ideas that can greatly influence how your product will sell. The best product launch ideas strive to capitalize on your social media following. You can do this by hosting a contest or giving rewards for loyalty. Either option will help drive engagement, which is especially useful for new product launches.

Maybe you could make your contest's prizes be product samples, so people get to try before they buy. Send an email with a shareable tweet so people can talk about the upcoming product on Twitter. He sent an email about the company being featured in PandoDaily. The best way to learn how to create a successful product launch is by learning from examples. The bottom line is that you need to create a unique, effective strategy that suits your brand and your newest product. Establish a thorough plan using the above product launch ideas.

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11 Highly Effective Marketing Strategies For A Food & Beverage Business

Please suggest accordingly. Khine Thinzar Soe. My product is pharmaceutical product so more difficult to let the consumer taste or try it. If any new idea for pharma products, kindly share us. Hey Khine! A pharmaceutical product can be a challenge as there a lot of regulations. Where are you located and where are you launching the product? We are in Myanmar, We will launch our new product that made in Canada on December or January Really thank you for sharing varieties of idea for launching a product.

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